Syracuse, NY DWI & Criminal Defense Lawyer

Ralph Habib is a partner in Azria & Bruffett PLLC

Being charged with a criminal offense can be frightening.  As a criminal defendant, you should learn your legal rights from a lawyer well-versed in criminal defense.  A lawyer that can act immediately to protect you and your family.

Ralph Habib has practiced criminal law for his entire career spanning over 18  years.  As an Assistant District Attorney in Onondaga County for eight years, Mr. Habib prosecuted DWI and narcotics cases.  For the last five years, Mr. Habib has provided top quality criminal and traffic defense to hundreds in central New York. 

Ralph Habib knows the law, the courts, and the central New York legal community.

Mr. Habib has a full service criminal defense practice and handles all state criminal cases including;